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The International Director of Spill-Sorb, very simply demonstrated the effectiveness of Spill-Sorb to a number of key Mining and Environmental Officers of De Beers Consolidated Mines (the world’s largest producers of diamonds).

One of the many field tests and demonstrations included pouring white oil paint onto a concrete slab, coating it with Spill-Sorb, then sweeping it up with a dust-pan brush. The delegates confirmed that the brush bristles were bone dry to the touch, no marks were left on the concrete, and the paint was entirely encapsulated within the Spill-Sorb.


A second demonstration had him pouring old oil onto white sand, covering the mess with Spill-Sorb, mixing the mixture around with a trowel, then sieving the excess sand back on to the pile. With amazement the delegates checked that all the oil had been encapsulated while the sand was now dry and free of oil.

The Director's final field test was carried out at one of the many grease/oil traps on the mine that separates and filters water from the pollutants. Ray was to clean the visible oil ring around, and on top of, the final holding tank that was meant to contain only water. He placed a 10 litre (2 US gallon) Spill-Sorb cushion into the tank; the oil film was drawn into the Spill-Sorb cushion like “pins to a magnet.” The De Beers officials then tried to squeeze some of the encapsulated oil out of the cushion; even the strongest could not make it leech.


The Chief Environmental Officer of Anglo American Corporation (the corporation has many mega mining projects including the largest deep gold mines in the world) was visiting the De Beers site in Namaqualand, and the staff demonstrated the effectiveness of Spill-Sorb to him.

Spill-Sorb is now “specified” by Anglo American Corporation for spills, water filtration, and is included in their progressive environmental “green” program. Anglo’s suppliers of oils and petrochemicals must now also have sufficient Spill-Sorb at each site to deal with emergency spills that may occur whilst delivering their products.

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One of the leading oil exploration companies in the world was having a drilling rig refitted and upgraded nearby the naval dockyards at Simonstown. The Director demonstrated Spill-Sorb and the product is now specified under the company’s “Contingency Emergency Green Program.” The order for each operating rig was for 400 × 4 cubic foot/200 litre absorbency bags plus 200×l2' / 4 metre (12 US gallon/50 litre, capacity) booms.

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