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SPILL-SORB Case History 2
Spill-Sorb Cleans Mess at Power Station

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Photo 1.
The back site at a Southern Africa power station. It is 
mid-summer, hot, humid and the air is filled with the rank odour 
of evaporating hydrocarbon fumes.

Photo 2.
What a mess! Discarded barrels with residues of diesel, 
hydraulic, lubricating and engine oils, paraffin and other hydrocarbons litter the back lot. A horrid oil and wax scum is on the water which has collected in this depression. The regional Spill-Sorb distributor is 
called in
to solve the problem.  First, the leaking barrels are removed.

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Photo 3.
Then Spill-Sorb is scattered loosely over the entire oil, solvent and water mix. Spill-Sorb immediately starts encapsulating the hydrocarbons. 

Photo 4.
shows that within 30 seconds there is a visibly noticeable difference compared to photo 3.
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The area is now totally covered with Spill-Sorb.
Photo 5.

Skimmers are then used to insure our product comes into contact 
with all the spilled materials in the pond. In Photo 6 , the cleanup 
crew then skims the encapsulated mixture, ready for collection.
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Once skimmed and collected, only clean water remains. Photos 7&8. This is then pumped out of the holding 
Spill-Sorb is then tilled into the earth, ensuring encapsulation of all the hydrocarbons that remain buried in the soil.

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