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Spill-Sorb Evolution:
1. Sphagnum peat moss in its natural state in northern Canada.
2. Exploded view of one cell in hydrophilic state. Encapsulating water up to 20 times its weight.
3. Spill-Sorb factory in Canada. Cyclonic heat activating process.
4. Exploded view of sphagnum cell now in hydrophobic state will encapsulate hydrocarbons and repel water. Green indicates Humic Acid Catalyst (H.A.C.) which is an essential part of the biodegradation process.
5. This picture shows hydrocarbons encapsulated in the cell.
6. Magnification view of humic acid naturally occurring microbes breaking down hydrocarbons.

Red indicates microbes.

7. View of cell after biodegradation. The cell has turned to a HYDROPHILIC state and will encapsulate water.
8. Exploded view of one cell in HYDROPHILIC state (Holding water) completing the Spill-Sorb evolution cycle.
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