Case Study


A heavy furnace oil tank accidentally opened draining approximately 18,000 liters / 4,000 US gallons into a local river.


1. Leaking H.F.O. Tank
2. Oil laden river
3. Placing 125mm Spill-Sorb boom to form containment pond upstream of the spill.4. 
4. H.F.O. dislodged by hydraulic flush and held by Spill-Sorb booms in the containment ponds.
5. Changing the 300mm Spill-Sorb boom positioned at the throat of the exit box canal.
6. Spill-Sorb 300 mm x 4.5m booms fixed insitu. 
7. Spill-Sorb 300 mm x 4.5m booms being positioned within the box canal. Note the oil mark on the wall.
8. Spill-Sorb booms have absorbed H.F.O. allowing clean water to pass. 
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