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4 Cubic Foot Bag
Spill-Sorb Double Compressed Bags

4 cubic ft. double compressed bag
Weight 55 lbs.
Absorbency capacity 200 liters or 50 US gallons.

40 Ft. High Cube Container = 630 Bags

1.2 Cubic Foot Bag


1.2 cubic ft. double compressed bag
Weight  15 lbs.
Absorbency capacity 60 liters or 15 US gallons.

40 Ft. High Cube Container = 1886 Bags

Spill-Gel Absorbs over 250 times its weight in water.
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Booms and Socks

Pads and Mats

Socks, Pads, Booms,  Spill Kits and Water Filtration Units are manufactured by Spill-Sorb Distributors.

Carry All  Spill-Kit 


Compare Spill-Sorb by product weight, absorbency, ease of use, toxicity,  disposal and per application cost to confirm that  using Spill-Sorb is simply 


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