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Spill-Sorb is an all natural 100% organic, lab-tested, field proven, industrial absorbent that is economical, efficient, non-toxic, non-leaching and in it's natural state is already biodegraded. The inherent capillary action of the activated peat provides a powerful wicking action and encapsulates oils, solvents, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and all other organic chemicals on contact.

1. General oil spillage.
The choices are: Landfilling, Landfarming or Incineration. The choice here was "Landfarming"

oil and chemical dump site BEFORE.jpg (18942 bytes)

2. After applying a 3 to 1 ratio of product and blending with the soil, the oil is immediately encapsulated by Spill-Sorb, safely containing the spill, it now will no longer spread or leach.

3. Moisture (Water), Heat (Sun) and Nitrogen is introduced to the mix.
Metabolic synthesis now occurs where the Nitrogen and the Enzymes in the soil combine to achieve the "Landfarming" of the soil.


AFTER Spill-Sorb bioremediation in progress.jpg (21928 bytes)

Method Of Use:


Scatter Spill-Sorb on spill, allow time to absorb and sweep it up. No hosing down or detergent required.

Scatter Spill-Sorb and allow to "cake". Pick off manually or use a suitable wet suction recovery extractor leaving the water crystal clear.


Spill-Sorb Demonstration:

  1. A "cocktail of highly flammable liquid is poured into a test pan at a local Fire Station to demonstrate the qualities of Spill-Sorb. Natures own Oil & Chemical absorbent. 2. Spill-Sorb is spread over the affected area, encapsulating the liquid and in the process suppressing the dangerous vapors by up to 90%.
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3. Flames are then passed over the test area; no ignition occurs proving that Spill-Sorb has successfully encapsulated the highly flammable liquid. 

4. Chemicals treating chemicals is not the answer! They are costly, dangerous to handle, both before and after the treatment process. Spill-Sorb is the natural environmental alternative, because of it's unique encapsulation qualities not found in other products. Spill-Sorb is one of the only absorbents with landfill acceptance in the United States and Canada, global leaders in environmental management.

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